What materials and coatings do you use?

I use wood materials which are usually walnut, pear, and Box wood. Furthermore, I use wood from trees such as apple, cherry, hawthorn, and other exotic trees.

Inlays are from colored and precious metals.

For the blades of the knives I use high quality stainless steel, and first-class Damascus steel from Russia.

Coating on the wood: the wood is treat with mordant, impregnated with natural oils on the base of Linseed oil and wax (through an ancient recipe). The ends are finely polished and sealed with a high-quality Indian Shellac (the so-called French polish).

Coating on the metals: complete or partial gilding, silver-plate, rhodium coating, chrome, anodized (for aluminum parts), different color oxidation, and other coatings.

How long does it take to manufacture something?

The time frame to manufacture products is different depending on the complexity and existing workload.

Here are examples of possible time frames for specific orders:

  • Knives – 4 to 35 working days
  • Pistols – 5 to 90 working days
  • Rifle butts – 14 to 125 working days

You can get more accurate information about the time-frame for a specific job if you contact me:

What is the price?

Since each work is strictly individual and unique, the price can not be quantified as a whole. It varies depending on the time needed to complete the job, the raw materials needed, and the complexity of implementation.

You can obtain more accurate information regarding the price if you contact me:

What do I get for my money?

The decoration of your weapon by individual design, and its confection become unique.

Acquiring an engraved and decorated device, you become owner to an original and beautiful luxury product which is:

  • Manually produced by ancient methods
  • Composed of environmental and naturally occurring materials
  • Baring the handwriting of the Sopot glyptic school
  • Unique in singularity (for the highest class)
  • Deluxe carrying prestige and luxury not everyone can afford
  • Includes a certificate of origin and uniqueness signed by me
  • Also, your device may come with a Quality Certificate of Sopot Guild (limited series), that is if the complexity and workmanship are of a sufficiently high level and be approved by the Sopot masters.

How can I order?

You can place your order by contacting me via any of the listed contacts. Since the manufacturing process is laborious, please contact me early enough so that I may have your product completed within a timely fashion to suite your schedule.

Can I track the performance of my order?

You can receive regular information about the status of your order in specially created for this Newsletter:

In it, every Saturday I post current information and photographs of my work.
The issue of the newsletter is a weekly, but the period of report may be modified according to your desire. To access the newsletter, and track your order, please contact me.

If you want, you also receive regular information by e-mail, Skype, or another of your choice.

How do I pay?

40% of the total payment must be received prior to commencement of the manufacturing process. The rest of the payment may be collected at the completion of your device.

I accept cash on the spot, or pay pal, bank transfer, or other means selected by the customer (this option might bear more cost to the customer)

How does sending/receiving of the completed device work?

On site, or Mail, or courier service - chosen by the customer (this option might bear more cost to the customer)

Can I learn more about the different methods and techniques that you use?

If you are a beginner craftsman, or simply just curious, it might be of interest to you to visit the craft i-school, my humble e-school for crafting. There, I post tutorials and tips for beginners. If you would like more in-depth knowledge about this field of work, you will have to come see me here in Sopot. For details – contact me.